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Honey Ducks’ Grilled Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Mashers and Balsamic Redution Sauce

    I’ve always used terms of endearment to refer to the people I love. This sounds goofy coming from a man, but actually both men and women do this regulary. If you look up the top 5 affectionate names that we assign to our friends, partners and spouses, they all have sort of sweet ingredient, baked good, […]

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Chilled Summer Avocado and Roasted Sweet Corn Soup with Adobe Cream Sauce

Any time I talk about making a chilled soup during the summer months I always get a lot of feedback from people in the form of questions. The questions are all different, but they seem to have a common theme. They all begin with “you must be crazy”… Well yes, I am crazy, but that’s […]

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