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Honey Ducks’ Grilled Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Mashers and Balsamic Redution Sauce

    I’ve always used terms of endearment to refer to the people I love. This sounds goofy coming from a man, but actually both men and women do this regulary. If you look up the top 5 affectionate names that we assign to our friends, partners and spouses, they all have sort of sweet ingredient, baked good, […]

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Chilled Summer Avocado and Roasted Sweet Corn Soup with Adobe Cream Sauce

Any time I talk about making a chilled soup during the summer months I always get a lot of feedback from people in the form of questions. The questions are all different, but they seem to have a common theme. They all begin with “you must be crazy”… Well yes, I am crazy, but that’s […]

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Grilled Pak Choi with Siam Sesame Dressing

Grilled Pak Choi with Siam Vinaigrette Dressing Several years ago I had the opportunity to live in Thailand on Phuket Island with one of my best friends. Because of its location we would travel frequently throughout South East Asia to mix things up a bit. We traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China and many points beyond. We […]

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