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Tuddypum’s Smoked Maryland Blue Crab Cakes

I met a good friend of mine in Santa Barbara named Andy Sachs. Andy is a native of Maryland and like me, loves to eat and loves to cook. For one reason or another he talked me into moving to Las Vegas with him where we lived for a year. During our time in Vegas […]

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Gai Pad Med Ma-Muang {Spicy Thai Cashew Chicken}

ไก่เผ็ดเม็ดมะม่วง One of my fondest memories of living in Thailand would have to be the leisurely afternoons spent at The Royal Phuket Yacht Club. It was a relaxing way to unwind after a morning of doing absolutely nothing except swimming and dodging King Cobras. At the yacht club, my friends and I would sit on […]

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Honey Ducks’ Grilled Tenderloin with Sweet Potato Mashers and Balsamic Redution Sauce

    I’ve always used terms of endearment to refer to the people I love. This sounds goofy coming from a man, but actually both men and women do this regulary. If you look up the top 5 affectionate names that we assign to our friends, partners and spouses, they all have sort of sweet ingredient, baked good, […]

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